K18 - What is it?

K18 - What is it?

K18 - What is it?
In basic terms it’s like building blocks for your hair! It is a molecular repair hair treatment that restores damaged hair from the inside out in as little as four minutes, which works on all hair types. K18 peptide technology repairs hair damage from heat and chemical services. It restores the hair strength, smoothness and bounce, making the hair feel and look healthier.

The science behind K18 is complex, but
in simple terms it repairs the hair back to a more youthful, original state. When hair gets damaged, the polypeptide chains that make up the innermost layers of a hair strand become weaker and can even break. This leads to hair that loses strength, elasticity, resiliency and shine. The K18 peptide patented formula travels to the damaged polypeptide chains, which is the perfect size to fit between any damaged areas, and repairs the links of those polypeptide chains, restoring the hair strength. It works so much deeper into the hair than any other bond building product that are available currently.

We took part in an in-depth K18 training session back in May 2023, we carried out
the full Pro K18 treatment on a model and then on myself (which was such a treat for me!). The full in-salon detox & repair treatment is a step further than the at-home treatment and the results were amazing! My model had classic menopause affected hair - dry, frizzy, lacklustre and unruly. The Pro in-salon treatment uses the K18 Pro Chelating Hair Complex and K18 Professional Molecular Repair Mist sprays to remove and neutralise metals, minerals and toxins from the hair. The hair is then shampooed with the K18 Detox shampoo to remove all of this, towel dried, the K18 Mask is applied and left on for four minutes to allow the hair to fully absorb the product into the innermost layers of the hair. After that the K18 Oil is applied, then styled as desired. All I can say is WOW!! The results on my model’s hair were fantastic. The hair had a new lease of life, bounce, vibrancy, smoothness and total frizz control. I couldn’t believe the results I was seeing as this client’s hair is very hard to manage. She could not believe how healthy her hair was looking and feeling after the treatment. The K18 treatment did exactly what it said it would - tamed frizz, smoothed unruly locks, added bounce back into the hair, revitalised the colour, added shine back into her mane and all
without weighing it down. It is a hair repair service I would highly recommend getting done, as I was loving the results on my own hair as well. It’s important to remember than this is not just for blondes! Conditioning Treatments are for all hair colour & hair types!

You can get the full treatment carried out in the salon or you can purchase some of the products to use at home to maintain healthy hair. The K18 at home range includes two shampoos - Detox and pH Maintenance, Leave-in Molecular Repair Hair Mask, Molecular Hair Repair Oil. They are all available in salon or on the salon website.

For any further queries, you can send us a message via our social media pages or the website contact page.
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