Keune Blonde Savior Haircare

Keune Blonde Savior Haircare

3rd April 2023

This month I am going to be talking about the Keune Blonde Savior range. I have been using it on my hair over the past few months and I am absolutely loving it! Even through the name says Blonde Saviour it can be used on all hair colours as it is highly hydrating and strengthening, so it’s perfect for hair that needs a moisture hit and loads of shine! The range has 3 products in it:

Shampoo Sulphate-free shampoo that gently strengthens the hair as it cleans

Mask Intensive conditioning mask for a major moisture hit

Leave-In Treatment Cream that aids manageability for styling with heat protection built in


“Developed by Keune’s scientists, the Blonde Savior Range includes Creatine and Glycolic Acid to rejuvenate sensitized, compromised, and decolorized hair. Blonde Savior erases 64% of damage from bleaching and makes hair 7x stronger for 96% less breakage. The fibres are conditioned, moisturized, and coated for increased lubricity and easy styling.”


The active ingredients within the range are Creatine & Glycolic Acid, which are both highly moisturising. Creatine helps to improve the overall feel of the hair by softening the hair surface, which in turn makes the hair visibly shinier. It also means that the hair is smoother and helps to get rid of tangles. It is highly conditioning, yet it encourages volume in the hair so that means it is deeply conditioning but lightweight, it won’t weigh the hair down. Creatine is most effective when left on the hair for 5 minutes or more so it can penetrate the hair shaft effectively.

Glycolic Acid is highly water soluble, which means that it can penetrate the hair deeply. It is widely deprived from natural sources such as grapevines and sugar canes. It is extremely popular in skincare products, due to its solubility, anti-aging effects and intense moisture. Glycolic Acid has been clinically shown to help the hair maintain moisture and strengthening properties as it encourages the hair/scalp to self-heal. So this leaves the hair stronger as it will be left more protected, softer, hydrated and more manageable when used in hair products.


I am extremely impressed with how the Blonde Savior rangehas worked on my hair and it smells amazing. It really hydrates and smooths out my course, frizzy hair. My favourite is the hair mask as the smallest bit goes a long way!


Melissa x


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