Keune – Why I choose it and why I love it!

Keune – Why I choose it and why I love it!

Keune..  I loved it from the moment I started using it. When I started my home salon back in 2021 I wanted to bring in a haircare brand for my clients that worked well on their hair & scalp and that I loved working with. I have tried many brands over the years and in the different salons I’ve worked in, I have liked a lot of them but I hadn’t really loved anything in particular. 

So I started looking for other brands/products that I could try out. I came across Keune and I remembered trying out some of their products years ago when I was a trainee and really liking them, but never being able to find them after that. In early 2021 I did some looking around and contacting different reps to find out where I could source it from. I got in touch with the NI Keune Rep - Sarah, who had a wealth of knowledge, that really impressed me and I immediately ordered some products to try out. I started out with some shampoos and some styling products, using them on my own hair, my mum’s hair and gave my friend some products to try at home as it was still Lockdown at that time. Sarah booked me onto a Keune training webinar about the products, how to use them, the active ingredients, the history of the Keune brand etc.

I took so much knowledge and information away from that training session. I was totally blown away at how knowledgeable and passionate the whole Keune team was, how the products were made, how they treated the hair & scalp, the way Keune works as a company. I was certain these were products for me and my clients!

Keune was established in 1922 meaning it is now 100 years old and is still a family run business to this day. The products were first formulated by a pharmacist named JM Keune in Amsterdam. He worked alongside his wife in their drugstore and he formulated the first ever perming lotion, it was a roaring success and the perm became a global success. Keune only produces Professional hair products/colours and provides training to hairdressers from across the globe to make sure their high standards and in-depth product knowledge are maintained.

I was really impressed with the results on my own hair and scalp when I started using the shampoos and products. Then by summer 2021 when I was working from home I started trying out some of the colours and starting going on more Keune training courses & webinars. It wasn’t long until I was using all Keune Products and Colours, along with stocking a wide selection of products for clients to purchase to use at home. Keune products are cruelty free and not tested on animals, they are formulated in the Keune Lab and are actively working to become more sustainable.

I have loved Keune from the moment I started using it and my clients have loved the results on their hair at home and in the salon. Clients always comment on the shine on their hair after using Keune, especially the colours!

Why not give Keune a try and see the results on your own hair and scalp.. 

Melissa x

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