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Designed for all curly hair types.

The Keune Care Confident Curl Conditioner uses natural ingredients to create effortless and natural-looking hair. It is formulated with up to 96% natural ingredients, including Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, and Vinegar extract. Shea Butter is loaded with plant lipids that provide smoothing, moisturizing, and protection qualities to the hair. Lipids also help to build up the hair's cuticle, resulting in stronger and healthier curls. This conditioner uses Coconut oil for its nourishing and hydrating properties and it helps to protect curls against protein loss. Vinegar extract is pH-balancing and it helps to smooth the hair's cuticle and reduce frizz, making your curls more defined. The Keune Care Confident Curl Conditioner also uses its Green Conditioning System to add incredible shine, soothing, and conditioning to the hair. This conditioner allows you to enhance your natural beauty with confidence.

Made for curl types 2A - 4C

  • Curl Enhancing and Defining
  • 96% Natural Ingredients
  • Smoothing
  • Moisturizing
  • Hydrating
  • pH-balancing
  • Frizz Reduction
  • Protects Against Protein Loss
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    Keune | Personalised Haircare

    Keune have been making hair products for professionals since 1922.

    81% of women experience multiple hair concerns. However, only 26% of women find an all-in-one hair product that caters to their needs. With Keune we can create a personalized hair care regime to keep your hair healthy and the color beautiful.